HC Deb 18 March 1895 vol 31 cc1275-6

asked the leave of the House to introduce a Bill to make temporary provision for distress in Ireland, and said a sentence or two would suffice to indicate the purport of the measure. It was a Bill to authorise the Local Government Board, under their sealed orders, to empower Boards of Guardians to give outdoor relief until the month of September of this year to persons who otherwise were disqualified from receiving outdoor relief, and generally to remove the restrictions upon the distribution of fuel and food in Ireland. The Bill contained a clause indemnifying any Board of Guardians who, since the distress began, had relaxed their restrictions, and it also contained a clause which had appeared in all Bills of the kind providing that there should be no electoral disability upon any person who received relief under the provisions of the measure. He hoped the House would give him leave to bring in the Bill.

MR. G. C. T. BARTLEY (Islington, S.)

was sorry the Bill was brought in without their being able to say a word about it, because it took for granted, in the case of Ireland, an alteration in the law which a Committee upstairs were carefully considering in regard to England, that was, the doing away with disfranchisement for receiving parish relief. There was a considerable amount of distress in England at the present time, and he would not presume to say what ought to be done in respect of it. But the House would be placed in a very peculiar position if it took for granted that that should be done for Ireland which a Committee were carefully considering should be done for England. The Seed Potato Bill was allowed to go through, but this Bill made a very grave alteration in the law, one which the House ought to have some opportunity of considering in reference to the whole of the United Kingdom. He therefore hoped the right hon. Gentleman would not press his Motion.


reminded the hon. Gentleman that the provision to which he had drawn particular attention had been contained in all Bills of this kind. Besides, the Bill would only have effect till the end of August of the present year, therefore it could not have any very serious operation. The hon. Member would have an opportunity of discussing the Bill on the Second Beading.


I may say in explanation——


Order, order! I have no alternative but to put the question.

The House divided:—Ayes, 158; Noes, 38.—(Division List, No. 27.)

Bill presented and read 1°.