HC Deb 07 March 1895 vol 31 c572
SIR. M. E. HICKS-BEACH (Bristol, W.)

inquired what business would be taken at the Morning Sitting tomorrow, and whether Army and Navy Votes would be taken on Monday; also what business would be set down for Tuesday next?


To-day we hope to be able to finish the Civil Service Supplementary Estimates. I have consulted with my hon. Friend the Financial Secretary to the Admiralty, and he thinks it would be more convenient to the House if the Navy Supplementary Estimates were taken with the other Navy Estimates, and in that am disposed to agree with him. I think, perhaps, it will be the better way. Then, finishing, as I hope we may, the Civil Service Supplementary Estimates tonight, we hope to take what I call the Government minor Bills to-morrow; the First Readings, I mean, of the Scotch Local Government Bill and the Light Railways Bill. Then I am placed in considerable difficulty about the Army Estimates, for I have just received a note from my right hon. Friend the Secretary for War in which he says it is uncertain whether he will be well enough to be here on Monday. Provisionally, therefore, I must propose to take the Navy Estimates on Monday, in case the Secretary for War should not be here to take the Army Estimates. But I would rather not lend myself, and will make a more definite statement to-morrow.