HC Deb 06 March 1895 vol 31 cc469-70

Mr. Speaker—I wish to correct a not very important mis-statement which slipped through the other night. When I was explaining the Land Bill I stated, in connection with the revival of Section 13, that after the landlord had not objected to the presumption of an agreement to sell, then if he and the tenant could not agree as to the price the Land Commission should fix the price. Well, I used words which conveyed that if, at this final stage, the landlord objected to the price, then the transaction would be at an end. That is not our intention. If the landlord makes no objection after the prescribed time to the Land Commission, deeming an agreement for purchase to have been entered into, it is to be assumed—and it will be found by the Bill that we do assume—that thereby, in case of disagreement as to price between himself and the tenant, he assents to the price being fixed by the Land Commission; in other words, he has one opportunity of objecting to the transaction, not two, as, perhaps. I led the House to suppose.

MR. W. JOHNSTON (Belfast, S.)

asked when the Bill would be circulated, as it had been promised for Tuesday or Wednesday.


I do not think I made so definite a promise as that. I believe copies will be accessible at the close of this Sitting; but, at any rate, the Bill will be circulated to-morrow morning.