HC Deb 21 June 1895 vol 34 cc1728-9

THE PATRONAGE SECRETARY TO THE TREASURY (Mr. THOMAS ELLIS, Merionethshire) moved "That the Bill be referred to the Grand Committee on Law, &c."


said he would venture to offer one more remonstrance to the Government on the course they were taking in regard to this Bill. It was a non-contentious measure, and an unexpected opportunity having arisen, it might be disposed of in Committee of the whole House.


said he made the motion in good faith; a similar motion having been made the other night by the Secretary to the Treasury, There was no unwillingness on the part of the Government to proceed with the Bill in Committee of the whole House,

Motion, by leave, withdrawn.

House went into Committee on the Bill.

(In the Committee.)

Clause 1 agreed to.

On Clause 2,


said the Bill was drawn in a very unfortunate fashion, It was really impossible for anyone reading Clause 2 to arrive, without continual references to the original Act, at the intention of the Clause.


said that was an objection that was always taken to modern drafting, In the old days, when it was easier to pass Bills through the House, there was no objection to put pages of the existing Act to which you desire to refer into the Bill itself. But in those days it would be utterly impossible to get any Bill at all through if they took that course, and it would be quite impossible to incorporate in the Bill the enactments to which Clause 2 referred.

Clause agreed to, as were also the remaining clauses.

On the Motion of the CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER, the Bill was read 3°.