HC Deb 05 July 1895 vol 35 c249

reported Her Majesty's Answer to the humble Address of the 20th May last, as followeth:— I have received your Address praying that I will withhold My consent from so much of Paragraph 6 of Scheme 90, framed by the Educational Endowments (Ireland) Commissioners, relating to the Limerick Diocesan Schools Endowments, as provides for the conveyance and release by the Commissioners of all their estate and interest in the lands, buildings, and premises described in the First Schedule thereto, Part IV., subject as therein to the Rev. James Fitzgerald Gregg on the notice and payments therein set forth by him to the Commissioners in that behalf to be given and made; and disapprove of that part of said scheme which makes the default by the said Rev. James Fitzgerald Gregg in giving said notice or making said payments within certain times therein set forth, a condition precedent to the Commissioners putting up for sale by public auction and selling it to the best advantage all their estate and interest in the said premises subject as aforesaid, and conveying same to the purchaser thereof; and disapprove of any part of the said Scheme which, if retained therein, will operate to compel or allow the Commissioners to take any course with regard to the said premises other than to put up for sale and sell to the best advantage all their estate and interest therein, and convey same subject as aforesaid to the purchaser thereof. I will comply with your advice.

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