HC Deb 02 July 1895 vol 35 cc87-8
MR. J. H. DALZIEL (Kirkcaldy Burghs)

In asking the question on the Paper, I must express the extreme satisfaction I feel at the appointment of the right hon. Gentleman. [Cries of "Order !"] I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, whether he can state how many and which Members of the present Cabinet have been, up to the time of their taking office, in receipt of pensions or salaries from public sources, together with the amount of each pension or salary, and the number of years during which it has been enjoyed; and, whether in every case the pension ceases absolutely and finally on the appointment to office, or whether it is suspended only during the holding of office, and will revive on the office being relinquished.


Five Members of the present Cabinet have hitherto been in receipt of annuities from public funds—namely, the Lord Chancellor, £5,000 for about three and a-half years; the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, £3,692 6s. 1d. for the same period; the Lord Privy Seal and the Secretary of State for India, £2,000 each for nearly three years; the Chancellor of the Exchequer, £1,200 for the same period. The Lord Privy Seal will continue to draw his pension, as no emolument attaches to his present office. In the other four cases the annuities will be suspended so long as the Ministers hold salaried offices.