HC Deb 02 July 1895 vol 35 c124

Upon the Motion that the Lords' Amendments to this Bill be considered forthwith.


said, the Bill was brought in merely to consolidate various Acts with reference to Friendly Societies ("No, no!"); but very considerable changes had been made in the Bill, and they did not know what those changes were. They ought, certainly, to have some time allowed them in which to consider what the effect of those changes would be.


hoped his hon. Friend would not oppose the Motion to consider the Lords' Amendments. The alterations made in the Bill in the other House were alterations which he should have proposed in this House had he had the opportunity of doing so. The changes were agreed to by the Friendly Societies; even those who were opposed to the Bill in the first instance had expressed themselves perfectly satisfied with the alterations.


pointed out that all the Amendments made in another place were made on the suggestion of Lord Playfair.

Mr. W. P. BYLES (York, W.R, Shipley)

trusted nothing would be done to prevent the Bill from becoming Law this Session.

Lords' Amendments considered, and agreed to.