HC Deb 02 July 1895 vol 35 c83

Return ordered, Comprising (1) the Reports made to the Charity Commissioners, in the result of an inquiry held in every parish wholly or partly within the county of Merioneth into Endowments, subject to the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Acts, 1853 to 1894, and appropriated in whole or in part for the benefit of that county, or of any part thereof, together with the Reports on those Endowments of the Commissioners for Inquiring concerning Charities, 1818 to 1837; (2) a Digest showing, in the ease of each such parish, whether any, and, if any, what, such Endowments are recorded in the books of the Charity Commissioners in the parish; and (3) an Index, alphabetically arranged, of names and places mentioned in the Reports.—(Mr. Francis Stevenson.)