HC Deb 28 February 1895 vol 31 c13

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he will cause to be supplied in the Tea Room or Library, a map setting out the boundaries dividing the territories of the Niger Coast Protectorate and of the Royal Niger Company; and, whether he will permit a Return to be presented to the House setting out a comparative statement of duties now existing in the territories of the Niger Coast Protectorate, the Royal Niger Company in Lagos and the Gold Coast, and the German Tariff in the Cameroons.


A map will be supplied. A comparative statement of Import Duties in the Niger Coast Protectorate, Niger Company's Territories, Lagos, Gold Coast, and Sierra Leone will be found in Diplomatic and Consular Reports on Trade and Finance, No. 1,144, pp. 21–22. There have been no changes since which would affect the value of this statement for purposes of comparison. We have not got a recent list of the Cameroons Tariff.