HC Deb 26 February 1895 vol 30 c1569
SIR E. ASHMEAD-BARTLETT (Sheffield, Ecclesall)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies whether the, Boer Volksraad have ratified that part of the Convention of December 1894 which relates to the surrender of Swaziland, but have postponed the ratification of that part which exempts British subjects in the Transvaal from being compulsorily commandeered. In putting the question the hon. Member asked the Under Secretary to inform the House whether it was a fact that the Boer Government issued a proclamation on February 19, taking over the government of Swaziland and threatening with punishment anyone who offered resistance?


I have not seen the terms of the proclamation and therefore I had better not answer the question. The Convention of 1894 related solely to Swaziland, and was ratified at a special Session of the Volksraad called for that special purpose. The Commandeering Convention stands over in the ordinary course until the ordinary Session of the Volksraad; meanwhile the Volksraad, as I mentioned the other day, have endorsed the promise of President Kruger that, pending the decision of the Volksraad, the Convention should be effective for all purposes.


When was the Convention regulating commandeering signed? Was it signed at the same time and in the same place?


No; the Commandeering Convention was signed some time before.