HC Deb 19 February 1895 vol 30 cc1110-1

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, whether three routes for a proposed Light Railway from Belmullet to Ballina have been surveyed, only one of which has been condemned, and that on the ground of expense; and, whether, seeing that such a Light Railway would open up the harbours of Broadhaven and Blacksod, either of the said harbours being capable of accommodating a large fleet of first-class battleships, he will, in view of the advantages, local and Imperial, which such railway offers, recommend its being constructed?

*MR. D. CRILLY (Mayo, K),

asked, whether the Bill to be introduced on the 21st inst., by the President of the Board of Trade, giving facilities for the formation of Light Railways in Great Britain, would be applicable to Ireland; and, if so, when was there a likelihood of Light Railways being constructed under its provisions?


I am not acquainted with the circumstances stated in the first paragraph, and as the notice has been so short, I have not had time to make inquiries; but I may say that, so far as the Government is concerned, the funds under the Light Railways Act 1889 are exhausted, and I could not hold out hope of assistance to such a line as is mentioned. I am informed that the Bill about to be introduced by the Government will not apply to Ireland.


asked whether, before the introduction of the Bill, in view of the distress in Ireland, and the great demand for the construction of Light Railways, the facilities offered for their construction in Great Britain would be extended to Ireland?


replied that the conditions of Ireland were so entirely different from those of other parts of the Kingdom, that he was afraid it was quite impossible.