HC Deb 19 February 1895 vol 30 cc1089-90

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty whether he is aware that the Engine-Room Artificers in the districts of Chatham and Sheerness have been compelled to go to a particular shop or contractor for their uniforms, although such clothing is paid for by the men themselves, in violation of the Truck Acts (1 and 2 Will. IV., c. 37, s. 2, and 50 and 51 Vic., c. 46, s. 6); and, whether the Engine-Room Artificers will be permitted to purchase their own uniforms where they please, with their own money, without interference by the officials at those places; or, if not, whether the Government will supply the uniforms to the men without deductions from their pay?

MR. W. ALLAN (Gateshead)

asked whether these men could not receive their uniforms free?


That is a matter which requires much consideration. With regard to the question on the Paper, the local order in force up to the end of last year, that Engine-Room Artificers entered at Sheerness and Chatham should obtain their uniforms from a firm who supplied such clothing in exact conformity with Admiralty regulations, has been rescinded. Engine-Room Artificers are now allowed to purchase their uniforms where they please, but, of course, if such uniforms are found to be not of the proper service pattern, the cost of replacing the same falls upon the men.