HC Deb 30 August 1895 vol 36 cc1249-50
MR. H. V. DUNCOMBE (Cumberland, Egremont)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for War, what action he proposes to take with regard to serving out the new rifle to Volunteer battalions and outlying companies whose ranges are not suitable to the new rifle; whether he is aware that a very large majority of the present ranges will come under the above heading; whether he is also aware that, in view of the fact that under the Act of 1892 new ranges can apparently only be acquired by purchase, and that Volunters have neither money nor credit to spare, a very large number of Volunteers will be unable to shoot at all; and, whether he is prepared to assist Commanding Officers to obtain ranges suitable to the new rifle, and to pay travelling expenses to and from such ranges?


said: The whole question of ranges is under the consideration of the Secretary of State, and it is impossible at this moment to make a statement on the subject. The Act of 1892 enables Volunteer corps to borrow money for the purchase of ranges on very moderate terms from the Public Works Loans Commissioners on the security of the range and the Capitation Grant; and it is hoped this provision will assist in getting over the difficulty. ["Hear, hear."]