HC Deb 26 August 1895 vol 36 c790
MR. ARTHUR O'CONNOR, (Donegal, E.)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, as representing the Postmaster General, whether, in filling vacancies in the office of postmaster the same system is adopted in Ireland as is adopted in Great Britain; whether such vacancies are filled by the transfer of other postmasters, so as to secure where possible a promotion to several existing officers of that rank, or by fresh appointment to that rank; and, whether the vacancy in the Cork Postmastership will be utilised to secure by transfer promotion among existing postmasters in Ireland?


In Ireland the system pursued in filling vacant post-masterships is the same as in Great Britain. These vacancies are filled sometimes by the promotion of a postmaster from one Office to another and sometimes by the appointment of someone outside the rank of postmasters, according to what are conceived to be the claims and qualifications of the several candidates. The vacancy at Cork will be dealt with in the usual manner, that is either by transfer or fresh appointment.