HC Deb 16 August 1895 vol 36 c170
MR. SYDNEY BUXTON (Tower Hamlets, Poplar)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he is in a position to state the terms of the agreement under which British Bechuanaland is about to be incorporated into the Cape Colony?


The terms of the agreement are very long, is they provide, for many matters of detail, such as the position of Civil servants, public buildings, and police, and so forth, with all which the hon. Member is familiar; but the parts which will be of general interest are as follows:—The territory obtains suitable representation in both Houses of the Cape Parliament. The jurisdiction of the Supreme and Circuit Courts of the Cape Colony and of the High Court of Griqualand is extended over the territory, and the principle of trial by jury introduced. Local self-government, in the form of divisional councils, is extended. The laws of the territory are declared to remain in force, especially the laws against the supply of liquor to natives, those preserving their land reserves, and those relating to the jurisdiction of their chiefs in native cases; and it is further declared that the Glen Grey Act cannot be extended to the territory without an Act of the Cape Parliament, which, of course, would be subject to the disallowance by the Crown. With reference to this last point, I may mention that I obtained from the Cape Ministers a promise that they would not introduce such legislation without first ascertaining the views of her Majesty's Government.