HC Deb 05 April 1895 vol 32 cc1023-4

On the Order for Third Reading,

MR. D. LLOYD-GEORGE (Carnarvon District)

said, that, inasmuch as the Welsh Members were desirous of raising a Debate on the general policy of the London and North Western Railway Company in North Wales, in connection with the Bill, he would suggest that the Debate on the Third Reading should be postponed until after Easter.


If the hon. Member has agreed with the promoters of this Bill that the Third Reading should be postponed until after Easter it is competent for that arrangement to be come to; but I do not think it would be competent for the hon. Member upon the London and North Western Railway Bill, or upon any particular railway Bill, to raise the general question of the policy pursued by a railway company. That has been ruled out of Order before, and I should rule it out of Order in the case of a Bill introduced at the time of Private Business. Of course, if the hon. Member wishes the Bill put off and objects to it, it must be put off from to-day, and, by arrangement it can be put off until some future day which the hon. and learned Member may agree upon with the promoters.


Will it be competent with me to move that it be put off to Monday fortnight?


The best course would be for the hon. Member to put it off to a less remote day than [...]Perhaps if it were put off until M[...] some arrangement might be come to with the promoters to have the Third Reading at a later period.

Bill put down for Monday next.