HC Deb 04 April 1895 vol 32 c917

On behalf of Mr. J. Ross, I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland is he aware that the Land Commission have fixed a sitting of a sub-Commission in Cavan during the sitting of the County Court of Cavan, when the solicitors for landlords and tenants will be engaged and cannot attend the sub-Commission Court, and have the solicitors through their secretary made a representation to the Head Commission of the inconvenience attending this arrangement; and can he make any representation to the Commissioners with a view to an alteration of the date of the sitting of the sub-Commission?


The fact is as stated in the first part of the question. The Land Commissioners inform me that all the parties whose cases have been listed for hearing before the sub-Commission have long since been noticed to attend upon the date mentioned, and that they regret they cannot now postpone the sitting. The sittings of both courts will be held in different rooms of the same building, and the Commissioners will communicate with the chairman of the sub-Commission requesting him as far as possible to facilitate the parties interested, so as to obviate any inconvenience arising.