HC Deb 29 May 1894 vol 24 c1527
MR. FORWOOD (Lancashire, S.E., Ormskirk)

I beg to ask the Civil Lord of the Admiralty if any, and what, steps have been taken for the separation of custody, storeage, and accounts of Naval from War Office Ordnance Stores at Malta and Gibraltar, so as to secure the direct responsibility of each Service for the adequacy of quantity and readiness for use of its own stores?


The storage and accounts of Naval Ordnance Stores at these two Stations have been separated, and the Admiralty conducts the examination of the accounts. The question of separate custody is under the consideration of the Naval Warlike Stores Committee, and a Report on the subject is shortly expected. The Admiralty accept the responsibility for both the adequacy and the readiness of Naval Ordnance Stores.