HC Deb 22 March 1894 vol 22 c862

I bog to ask the Lord Advocate if he has seen a copy of the correspondence between the Procurator Fiscal of Lochmaddy and Sir John Campbell Orde, proprietor of North Uist, and his agents, regarding a residence for the former at Lochmaddy; whether he is prepared to take any steps to adjust the matter in dispute; and whether a landlord has power by law to deprive a public official, who must live in a certain locality, of the right to a suitable residence on his estate?


I have seen a, copy of the correspondence referred to, and I gather from it that Sir John Orde declines to give the Procurator Fiscal a feu on which to erect a house. This appears to me to be very unfortunate, but the question of providing residences for officials in the Highlands is a large one, and would require legislation, as there is no other way in which a proprietor could be compelled to grant ground for such a residence.