HC Deb 22 March 1894 vol 22 cc879-80

I wish to ask the Chief Secretary a question of which I have given him private notice. Is he aware that eviction proceedings were commenced yesterday against the entire population on a portion of Lord Dillon's estate in County Roscommon; that although many of the tenants were not in arrears of rent, yet several families were evicted; that three of these families have been refused re-admission even as caretakers; were the police present at the evictions; were the forces of the Crown used for the purpose of protecting emergencymen engaged in throwing down houses; and will the right hon. Gentleman, in order to prevent further proceedings of this kind, endeavour to have the Second Reading of the Evicted Tenants Bill taken before Whitsuntide?


I am not in a position to give; an answer in detail as to the transactions that took place yesterday. I am aware generally that these proceedings were announced, and that police protection was required, and was granted, as the law obliges us to do. The particulars about so many families having been evicted, and so forth, I cannot answer, as there has not been time for me yet to receive any details. The police, I presume, were present at the evictions. The forces of the Crown have not been used to protect emergencymen in throwing down houses in other cases, nor will they in this. I cannot say whether we shall have the Second Reading of the Evicted Tenants Bill taken before Whitsuntide, but, of course, I shall do the best I can to press the measure forward.