HC Deb 13 March 1894 vol 22 c152
MR. W. KENNY (Dublin, St. Stephen's Green)

I beg to ask the Attorney General whether Section 41 of "The Trustees Act, 1893," confers a more extensive power on the High Court in England than is vested in the High Court in Ireland, by expressly enabling the former to make vesting orders in respect of property in Ireland, while no corresponding power is conferred on the High Court in Ireland of making vesting orders in respect of property in England; and if the Government will facilitate the passing of a Bill to abolish this distinction between the relative powers of the two Courts?


The fact is as stated in the first part of the question. But I would remind the hon. and learned Member that the Act of 1893 was a consolidating Act only, and that the provision in question is to be found in the Act of 1850 and in earlier Acts. I have, however, consulted the Lord Chancellor. He sees no reason why the High Court in Ireland should not have a similar power to that possessed by the High Court in England, and if the hon. Member will bring in a Bill on the subject the Government will be prepared fairly to consider it.