HC Deb 21 June 1894 vol 25 cc1640-1
CAPTAIN NORTON (Newington, W.)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he is aware that, in spite of the efforts of the Chief Commissioner of Police, considerable dissatisfaction continues to prevail among the constables in the Metropolitan Police Force with respect to the quality and comfort of the boots issued to them, and which are supplied by contract; and whether he will consult with the Chief Commissioner as to the advisability of giving to the members of the Force the option of being supplied with contract boots or receiving in lieu the contract price with permission to supply themselves with boots in accordance with the regulation pattern?


The Commissioner is unaware that dissatisfaction prevails amongst the constables in respect to the quality and comfort of the boots issued to them. The boots are of very good quality, and men are given the fullest opportunity of fitting themselves, and even of changing the boots after they have been worn if they prove uncomfortable. The present contract was entered into in 1892, and has still three years to run. It would be impossible for men to supply themselves with boots of the same quality if they received money allowance equivalent to the contract price; but the Commissioner will consider this point before the expiration of the contract, and will report to the Secretary of State.

MR. ROWLANDS (Finsbury, E.)

Is the Home Secretary prepared to relieve the Imperial Parliament from the consideration of the boots of the Metropolitan Police by handing over the police to the control of the London County Council?

[The question was not answered.]


Who is responsible for the contract—the Chief Commissioner of Police or the Director of Army Clothing Contracts?


The Director of Army Clothing Contracts has nothing to do with this matter.