HC Deb 19 June 1894 vol 25 c1469
MR. MACDONA (South wark, Rotherhithe)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that, close to the back of the target of the 300 yards range which he has ordered to be re-opened, lies, on the most beautiful part of the common, a lake called Queens-mere, constructed within the last few years out of the ratepayers' money, to which the public are denied access five days in every week to admit of the targets being used by people from a distance irrespective of protests of the inhabitants, who, at great cost, made this improvement; and whether he is aware that, on Saturday 16th instant, three bullets were heard shooting through the air by the rangers and others who happened to be standing between the semaphore and signal box at the back of the 300 yards range; and that these bullets continued to fly over the common to the great danger of the lives of the many pedestrians who constantly use it as a recreation ground; and whether, if this be so, he will order all the ranges to be closed forthwith?


The hon. Member does not mention Wimbledon; but I conclude he means to refer to it. A special inquiry into the whole question of the Wimbledon ranges will commence to-morrow, to which the conservators and the Putney Local Authority have been requested to send representatives. I may, perhaps, remind the hon. Member that the Queensmere Lake, so pathetically referred to, was made long after the ranges, and with the full knowledge that it was behind the butts and within the danger zone.