HC Deb 07 June 1894 vol 25 cc571-2
SIR A. ROLLIT (Islington, S.)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade when the Annual Report of the Board of Trade, under Section 29 of "The Companies (Winding-up) Act, 1890," for the year ending the 31st of December, 1893, will be presented to Parliament; and whether the Board of Trade will include in such Report, in addition to the information contained in previous Reports, the names of the Companies ordered to be wound up from the date when "The Companies (Winding-up) Act, 1890," came into operation to the 31st day of December, 1893, distinguishing the cases in which an Official Receiver was continued as permanent liquidator from those in which he was not so continued, giving the date of the winding-up order in each case, and the dates when the statement of affairs was filed and when the first statutory meetings were held; the amounts received by the Official Receiver by the realisation of the assets of each such Company, distinguishing those in which the Official Receiver was not continued as permanent liquidator, and showing how much was in each case received during the provisional liquidatorship; the fees which were respectively claimed and received by the Board of Trade in respect of the Official Receiver's provisional or other liquidatorship of each such Company or otherwise in connection therewith, showing how the amount of such fees was iii each case calculated, and distinguishing the part of the Official Receiver's charge which would have been incurred had the Official Receiver not been continued; a list of the cases in which a special manager was appointed under Section 5 of the Act, the nature of the duties performed in each case, and the remuneration paid to the special manager; the amount of cash and securities standing to the credit of the Companies' liquidation account at the end of each period of six months from the coming into operation of the said Act, and of the total income credited to the said account as having been received from investments up to 15th of January, 1894; and of the amount of the interest on investments which, during each such period of six months, has, under Section 17 of the Act, been placed to the credit of Companies wound up under the said Act for the benefit of such Companies, and of the total amount of the dividends or income paid or placed to the credit of such Companies, under Sections 17 and 18 respectively?


Progress is being made with the preparation of the Annual Report under the Companies (Winding-up) Act, but it is at present impossible to say when it will be ready for presentation. The Report requires so much time and trouble that it was not found possible to present the Report for 1892 until February last. Much of the information asked for by my hon. Friend is at present included in the Reports, and the Board of Trade will carefully consider how far additional information can usefully be given on the lines suggested by him. It would be inexpedient to include in the Return the full particulars asked for in the case of Companies whose liquidation has not yet been completed.