HC Deb 07 June 1894 vol 25 cc583-4

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for India, with reference to the Army Order 110, dated 12th May, 1893, which increased to 32 the number of paid lance-corporals allowed to a battalion of Infantry, if he will explain why, though this Order was received in India in August last, it has not yet been acted upon, so that lance-corporals who left England with drafts subsequent to 12th May, 1893, and who were receiving pay under it, have, in consequence, been deprived of such extra pay on coming on the Indian Establishment; why an Order, which is acknowledged by all military men to be a most necessary one and which involves a very insignificant expenditure, should require special consideration after it has been promulgated in India; and whether, considering the well-known difficulty in getting good men to accept the lance stripe, he will endeavour to bring the consideration of the question to an early and satisfactory conclusion?


It is an old and well-established rule that Royal Warrants or Army Orders which involve an increase of charge are not applicable to India, unless and until they are promulgated in an Indian Army Circular by the Indian Government. The Order to which the hon, and gallant Member refers has not been so promulgated; but since it was issued in England it has been under consideration by the Government of India, and by myself in communication with the Secretary of State for War, and I have every reason to think that the matter will very soon be settled.