HC Deb 07 June 1894 vol 25 cc579-80
MR. M'CARTAN (Down, E.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether Mr. W. Jeffcott, who was formerly extensively employed as a landlords' valuer in County Derry, has been recently engaged as a Sub-Commissioner in fixing judicial rents in the county; whether he has been selected to act as a Sub-Commissioner in the Counties of Fermanagh and Monaghan, where he will have to fix rents upon estates which he formerly valued for the landlord; and if he will give the date of his appointment as Sub-Commissioner?


Mr. Jeffcott states that prior to his appointment as an Assistant Commissioner he was engaged as a valuer, both by tenants as well as landlords, in the County of Londonderry, but that since his appointment he has not joined in fixing the judicial rent in any case in this county, where he had been previously so employed by either party. He never acted as valuer for either landlords or tenants in any of the Unions in the Counties of Monaghan or Fermanagh, from which cases have been listed for hearing on the 5th instant by the Sub-Commission, of which he is a member. Mr. Jeffcott was appointed an Assistant Commissioner in February, 1891. He had previously been a valuer in cases of appeal and rehearing before the Land Commission.


Have there been any changes lately, and, if so, will the right hon. Gentleman ask the Commissioners to furnish a Return giving the names of the County Court valuers?


Did I understand the right hon. Gentleman to say Mr. Jeffcott has not been engaged in any case in Fermanagh and Monaghan?


So he informs me. He has not acted there as valuer either for landlord or tenant in any of the Unions from which cases have been listed for hearing at the recent Sitting of the Sub-Commission of which he is a member. In answer to the hon. Member for North Kerry, I will get the date of the last Return and make the inquiry he suggests.