HC Deb 05 June 1894 vol 25 cc409-10

I beg to ask the Secretary for Scotland if he will state the names of the persons on the staff of the Colonisation Board who are to receive salaries amounting to £460 during the financial year 1894–5; what other offices they hold, if any, and at what remuneration; and will he explain why the travelling and incidental expenses during 1894–5 are expected to be 50 per cent, in excess of those during 1893–4?


The staff of the Colonisation Board consists of Mr. Colmer, C.M.G., Secretary in London, who has a salary of £150, and Mr. Borradaile, Agent at Winnipeg, who receives £256 per annum. Neither of these gentlemen holds any other appointment, nor receives any other remuneration from Her Majesty's Government. Mr. Colmer belongs to the staff of the High Commissioner for Canada. The provision for travelling and incidental expenses was increased from £50 to £75, because the former sum had been found inadequate, and had been exceeded.