HC Deb 17 July 1894 vol 27 cc163-5

On behalf of the hon. Member for the South Eastern Division of County Cork, I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether his attention has been called to the fact that the revenues of the Port and Harbour of Kinsale have for the last two years been collected by a Receiver appointed at the suit of the Board of Works, Dublin Castle; and that during that time the Board of Works have delivered no account either of their receipts or expenditure to the Harbour Commissioners, though frequently asked for it; whether the Receiver delivers any account, annually or otherwise, to the Board of Works, either directly or through the Court by which he was appointed; and, if so, whether there is any and what objection to their furnishing a copy of such account to the Harbour Commissioners; and whether he will give directions that such accounts be furnished by the Board of Works?


The Board of Works have not been asked by the Harbour Commissioners to deliver accounts to that body. The Harbour Commissioners did, in October, 1893, complain by letter to the Board of the non-production by the Receiver at their monthly meeting of statistics showing the state of the revenue. In consequence of this letter, the Board communicated with the Receiver, and obtained from him an assurance, which they communicated to the Harbour Commissioners by letter of 18th November, 1893, that every facility would be given them for the examination of books relating to the harbour. The means of preparing accounts of receipts and expenditure, i.e. the books and documents referring to these matters, are in the hands of the Receiver, and the duty of delivering accounts to the Court of Chancery rests with him, and not with the Board. At the same time, he is perfectly willing to give every facility to the Harbour Commissioners. The present Receiver has furnished the Board with a statement of dues received and details of expenditure from June 16th, 1893 (date of appointment) to March 31st, 1894. The Board have directed a copy of this statement to be forwarded to the Harbour Commissioners.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that one firm alone owes harbour dues to the amount of £135, and that the Receiver of the Harbour Revenues has not been permitted to take proceedings for the recovery of this sum? Will he kindly instruct the Board of Works to furnish a monthly return of the revenue, so as to enable the Commissioners to exercise some supervision over the collection of the dues?


The Board of Works have no control over the Receiver.

MR. FLYNN (Cork, N.E.)

But is not the right hon. Gentleman aware that the Receiver has been appointed to collect the annual instalments, and that therefore the Harbour Commissioners are entitled to this as a question of right and justice?


We are anxious to afford every facility to the Harbour Commissioners.