HC Deb 02 January 1894 vol 20 c650
MR. FORWOOD (Lancashire, Ormskirk)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty whether, in view of there being no defect in the structure or design of the Resolution, and the damage to her fittings were capable of repair at Gibraltar, whilst the coal remaining on board was more than double the normal quantity required to carry the vessel to that port, an inquiry will he held to consider whether the commanding officer of the vessel was under all the circumstances justified in returning to Queenstown instead of continuing his voyage, or whether a margin of 100 per cent. in excess of the normal coal consumption for the voyage is to be required by the Admiralty on one of Her Majesty's vessels before commencing a voyage; and was there any special reason for sending the Resolution to sea for a winter passage with 100 tons of coal less than her legend quantity, and 500 tons less than the capacity of her bunkers?


It is not intended to hold any inquiry, as all the facts have been ascertained. A margin of 100 per cent. on normal coal consumption is not required in Her Majesty's ships. In reply to the last part of the question, there was no reason. The Resolution should have completed with coal before she sailed. Inquiries on this point have been made.