HC Deb 26 February 1894 vol 21 cc1039-40

I beg to ask the Secretary for Scotland, looking to the destructive effect of recent gales, and to the fact that the clauses of the Sea Fisheries Regulation (Scotland) Bill relating to fishery harbours have failed to become law, what early steps the Government will take to provide adequate harbour accommodation along the Moray Firth, in order to protect the lives and property of the fishing population?


The Fishery Board, since their creation in 1882, have assisted in the construction and extension of eight harbour works on the east coast of Scotland, of which three are situated on the coast of Banffshire. The surplus accruing from the annual statutory grant of £3,000 at the disposal of the Board is at present pretty well exhausted, and I can only say that, as soon as some of the works now in hand are completed, due consideration will be given to the claims of the Moray Firth, along with the claims of other parts of the east coast of Scotland. The large expenditure which would be required for making a harbour of refuge, even under a careful scheme such as the hon. Member has brought under my notice, would require a special grant from the Treasury, unless it could be provided for by mortgaging the annual grant to the Fishery Board, which can only be done after fresh legislation.