HC Deb 15 February 1894 vol 21 cc462-3
MR. W. KENNY (Dublin, St. Stephen's Green)

I bog to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether it has been brought, to his notice that the contemplated repairs to Green Street Courthouse in Dublin, which were to have been carried out in the year 1893, have not, so far as regards the internal repairs, been as yet commenced; if he is aware that the Judges at the Commission, and the Recorder of Dublin, have been obliged to discontinue their sittings at this Courthouse in consequence of its unsanitary and dilapidated condition, and that the suitors and professional men have been put to great inconvenience by reason of the Recorder being obliged to hold the Sessions at a Courthouse outside the city; and if he will take steps to insure that the repairs will be at once proceeded with and completed before the next April sittings of the Recorder?


The repairs to Green Street Courthouse are being carried out by the Dublin Corporation, and not by the Government, whose responsibility in the matter is confined to its' contribution of one-third of the certified cost, subject to a fixed maximum. There was no undertaking on the part of the Corporation to complete the work in the year 1893, but the desirability of proceeding with all due expedition was pointed out to them. The works commenced in September last, when the drainage and ventilating works were put in hand, and sittings at Green Street have since been necessarily discontinued. The Nisi Prius Court was assigned for the October sittings of the Recorder so long as it was available, and his sittings have since been held at Kilmainham, this course being suggested by the Recorder, after consultation with the practitioners attending his Court, as the least inconvenient. The Commission has been held in the Four Courts. Any inconvenience thus caused to the profession or to the public is under the circumstances unavoidable.


Will the Irish Government press upon the Dublin Corporation the desirability of proceeding with these alterations at once?


Such representations have already been made.