HC Deb 23 August 1894 vol 29 c384
MR. KNOX (Cavan, W.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether he will endeavour to apply in Ireland the practice of Police Authorities in England, by which persons requiring special police protection for their property have to make payments for the service of the policemen; and whether he will state what is the usual arrangement for the board and lodging of constabulary protecting evicted farms who lodge with the new tenant?


The personal protection of the Constabulary in Ireland is, as a rule, given without charge to the person protected. The person, however, is expected to provide the police with lodging, bedding, and fuel. The question of protection and charge has often been raised, and if it were possible it would, for obvious reasons, be desirable to insist on payment; but, as the protection is mainly given in relation to the disturbed condition of the locality, it has been found inexpedient, as a rule, to require payment as a condition of protection.


The last paragraph of the question has not been answered.


As a rule, new tenants, where they have personal protection, provide nothing but the shelter of a roof.