HC Deb 23 August 1894 vol 29 cc359-60

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for India if, having regard to the statement in the official Labour Gazett for August that 50 per cent. of the spring-knife cutters at Sheffield, and 80 per cent. of the steel and table fork makers are only partially employed, and to the long continuance of this depression, he will suggest to the Indian Government the remission of the 5 per cent. Import Duty imposed upon hardware and cutlery by The Indian Tariff Act, 1894, and point out that they may obtain a large revenue by an extra and differential duty upon the goods imported from foreign countries outside he British Empire, the value of which amounts to Rx.26,000,000 annually, and s constantly increasing?


I am not able to suggest to the Government of India the remission of the duty of 5 per cent, imposed by the new Tariff Act on hardware and cutlery; and I do not agree in the opinion that a large revenue can be obtained by a differential duty on goods imported from foreign countries.