HC Deb 06 August 1894 vol 28 cc141-2

I beg to ask the Parliamentary Charity Commissioner whether the Lytham School Charity is one open to all denominations, the Trustees of which were until recent years chosen from both Protestants and Roman Catholics; whether the Trustees are now all Protestants, and the school a Protestant school; whether grants from the charity have for some years been made to another Protestant school and refused to a Catholic school educating the same class of children; whether, in reply to applications for a grant, the letters were simply acknowledged, and no grant allowed; whether the Trustees have themselves petitioned the Commissioners to be allowed to make grants to the Roman Catholic and Nonconformist schools; what the Commissioners intend to do in the matter; and whether, in view of the delay in passing a new scheme, they will at once make arrangements for giving effect meanwhile to the object of the charity as one for all denominations?


The Commissioners have for some years past had this important charity under consideration. They have drafted two Schemes under the Endowed Schools Acts, one of which has been published; but in view mainly of the difficulty of reconciling the wishes of Lytham with those of Kirkham, both of which are interested, they have not as yet seen their way to proceed further with a Scheme. The foundation is undenominational. The Commissioners have no precise information whether Trustees at one time included Roman Catholics. The schools of the foundation are public elementary schools in connection with the Church of England. Beyond this there is no direct information as to the creed of the Trustees. Grants have been made to another Protestant school. No grants have as yet been authorised to Roman Catholic schools by the Commissioners, but they have not been refused. At an inquiry held at Lytham by an Assistant Commissioner to discuss the terms of a Scheme the Trustees stated that they were prepared to make grants to the Roman Catholic and Nonconformist schools. As there is no immediate prospect of the establishment of a Scheme the Commissioners will suggest to the Trustees that, pending and subject to the terms of any Scheme, annual grants should be made by the Trustees to all the public elementary schools in Lytham not hitherto supported out of the trust.


Will that recommendation be made at once?


Certainly, Sir; at once.