HC Deb 05 April 1894 vol 22 c1439

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade if an Inspector is justified in seizing any weighing instrument which is not stamped in the county where it is discovered, though it has been stamped by the Inspector of another county; is it the duty of Inspectors under such circumstances to point out to the owner the special requirements of his own County Council, and so give him, before taking any proceedings, the opportunity of getting it altered so as to comply with their interpretation of the Act; if it is possible for the Board of Trade, without legislation, so to assimilate the various and differing requirements of County Councils with regard to the stamping of weighing machines as to obviate the frequent proceedings which are now inevitable; and, if not, will be introduce a Bill for the purpose; will be reduce the Inspector's fee from 5s. to 1s.; and will be arrange for costs to be borne by the parties sustaining the adverse verdict?


Weighing instruments, although stamped in the district of one Local Authority, may, under existing law, have to be re-stamped if used in trade in the district of another Local Authority. It rests with the County Councils who appoint the Inspectors to give owners of weighing instruments reasonable opportunity for complying with the provisions of the Act. It is undesirable to interfere with the discretion of County Councils in making requirements with regard to stamping weighing machines, as the administration of the law has been placed in their bands by Parliament. The Board of Trade have no power to alter the fees, which are fixed by Statute, or to amend the legal procedure as to payment of costs.