HC Deb 19 September 1893 vol 17 c1587

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board whether his attention has been called to a letter in The Morning Post of the 15th instant, signed F. Taylor Simson, physician, a specialist upon microbes, in which he states that, from personal knowledge of other disease germs, he is of opinion that rags might occasion cholera, and is sure may convey other loathsome diseases; and whether he will take steps to ascertain the opinion held by medical men in England upon this subject, so that it can be seen whether English medical opinion is in harmony with that expressed by the Dresden Conference upon this important matter?


I have seen the letter in The Morning Post to which the hon. Member refers. I can only, in reply, say what I have said on several previous occasions, that in all matters connected with the encroachment of cholera in this country the Local Government Board act, and intend to continue to act, on the advice of the Medical Officers of the Board; and if any medical man has any doubts concerning the action of the Board, I would suggest that he should write direct to the Local Government Board, where his communication will receive the most careful attention. It is not for me to differ from the expert advice that has been given to the Department, especially as that advice is concurred in by my Colleague, the Secretary to the Local Government Board, whose authority on questions of public health is widely recognised.