HC Deb 15 September 1893 vol 17 cc1278-9
MR. MACDONALD (Tower Hamlets, Bow)

I beg to ask the Postmaster General whether a temporary clerk named Claydon was recently given a special increment of £60 per annum, bringing his salary up to £204; and, if so, what special circumstances justified this increment; and whether there are hundreds of appointed clerks, with many more years' service, receiving less salaries and performing far more responsible duties.


The servants of the late Submarine Telegraph Company, of whom Mr. Claydon was one, were promised appointments on the Post Office Establishment, and this promise it was not possible to redeem in Mr. Claydon's case on account of his inability to procure the medical certificate required by the Civil Service Commissioners. As some compensation for his disappointment, he has been given a fixed salary somewhat in advance of that received by his fellow-officers; but this salary, unlike theirs, will not progress by annual incre- ments, neither will he be entitled to pension on retirement.