HC Deb 08 September 1893 vol 17 cc651-2

I beg to ask the Secretary for Scotland whether it is the fact that the crofters and other inhabitants of the country around Thurso were invited by the Deer Forest Commission to attend at Thurso, on Tuesday, 29th August, to give evidence at a sitting of the Commission; whether, on their arrival, they found that no sitting would be held that day in consequence of the absence of the Chairman and Secretary; and why no arrangements were made to furnish information to the persons who attended to give evidence as to when the sitting of the Commission would be held?


It is the fact that notices were issued in common form for a sitting at Thurso on Tuesday, 29th August, to everyone whose name had been sent in to the Secretary as desiring to attend such sitting and give evidence. In consequence of a necessary change of arrangements it was resolved on Saturday, the 26th, to postpone that sitting, and on the same day the Secretary sent notices of the postponement by post to everyone who had previously received an intimation to attend and give evidence. It is right to add that the postponed sitting was held on Monday, 4th September, and continued into the following day, when everyone interested who came forward was afforded a full opportunity of giving his evidence.