HC Deb 17 November 1893 vol 18 cc1143-4
SIR R. TEMPLE (Surrey, Kingston)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for India whether he is aware that the Bengal Government for some 19 years during the minority of the Maharajah of Durbhangah, Sir Lachmeshwar Singh, managed his estate; whether a complete survey and settlement and record of rights of his property in Behar was commenced and all but completed by a Bengal Settlement officer, and completed by the Maharajah at a cost of some lacs of rupees; and whether, this being the case, the Bengal Government now contemplates re-surveying this property, and thereby putting the Maharajah to further great and needless expense, and probably involving him in much litigation; and, if so, whether the Secretary of State will take the necessary steps to stop such action on the part of the Bengal Government, if not entirely, at least till such time as inquiry can be made and the Maharajah's objections be heard?


The hon. Member for North Beds, has asked me to answer in his absence the questions addressed to him. A survey of the greater part of the Durbhangah estates was completed; but there is a doubt whether the record of right suffices to safeguard the interests of the ryots under the Bengal Tenancy Act. Complete information on the subject has not yet reached the Secretary of State; but it is understood that the surveys and record of rights previously effected on the Durbhangah and other estates will be utilised for the present cadastral survey of North Behar, so that the, duration and cost of the operations may be diminished as far as possible.