HC Deb 13 November 1893 vol 18 cc766-7

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for India whether the attention of the Secretary of State for India has been drawn to the remarks of the Sessions Judge of Ghazipur upon the proceedings of Mr. Bird, the District Magistrate of Ballia, in the case of Hanuman Tewari and others, sentenced to three months' rigorous imprisonment in connection with the Hindu-Mahomedan riots; whether he is aware that the Sessions Judge, referring to a portion of the District Magistrate's Judgment, said that such language was deplorable, and could not fail to add to the ill-feeling among the people, and recommended the conviction and sentence to be set aside for want of jurisdiction, and because the accused did not have an impartial trial, and wore convicted on totally insufficient evidence; whether notice will be taken of the District Magistrate's conduct; and whether his attention has been drawn to allegations in the Indian Press that certain Hindu officials tinder the Government of the North-West Provinces have been punished or called to account for having subscribed to or supported the Cow Protection Society; if so, whether such action is sanctioned by the Secretary of State?


The Secretary of State has seen a copy of the Orders issued by the Sessions Judge, before whom au appeal was brought in the ordinary course. The facts are as stated. The accused were released on their own recognizances pending the final Orders of the High Court. These Orders will, doubtless, guide the Lieutenant Governor as to the action to be taken. The Secretary of State has seen the statements referred to. He is expecting further Papers from the Government of India about the cow-killing riots, and the questions arising therefrom, and will ask for a Report on the subject of these allegations.