HC Deb 11 May 1893 vol 12 c634
MR. THEOBALD (Essex, Romford)

I beg to ask the Postmaster General why a clerk named Dunford, employed in the Central Telegraph Office, was recently promoted over the heads of upwards of 400 of his colleagues, who were senior in date of appointment by, from one to eight years; and whether he is aware that this is the second time that Dunford has been promoted over the heads of others of longer service?


Mr. Dunford, in 1887, was selected by the Controller for special duties in the Controller's Office. The office in question has no separate classification; but the Controller selects from the general body of officers the best man he can find. In 1887 candidates were invited to offer themselves, and of those Mr. Dunford was selected as the most promising, and after two years' service in the Controller's Office was promoted to the first class. Last year the man standing immediately above Mr. Dunford in the Controller's Office retired on a pension; and Mr. Dunford, who stood next to him, was promoted in his room. On the general classification, Mr. Dunford's rotation number, counting from the top of his class, was not 400, but 283. It will be seen that Mr. Dunford's promotion in 1889, no less than in 1892, arose out of his selection for the Controller's Office, and this selection was determined by his superior qualifications.