HC Deb 11 May 1893 vol 12 c732

Return ordered— Showing at the close of each financial year from 1835–6 to 1892–, both inclusive, the Aggregate Gross Liabilities of the State as represented by the Nominal Funded Debt Estimated Capital Value of Terminable Annuities, Unfunded Debt, and other Liabilities in respect of Debt, the Estimated Assets, and the Aggregate Net Liabilities, also the Exchequer Balances; and showing at the close of each financial year, from 1835–6 to 1892–3, both inclusive, the Gross and Net Expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund on account of the National Debt, and other payments in respect of Debt (in continuation of Parliamentary Paper, No. 332, of Session 1892)."—(Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer.)