HC Deb 02 May 1893 vol 11 cc1746-7
MR. DODD (Essex, Maldon)

I beg to ask the Solicitor General whether Section 14 of "The Allotments Extension Act, 1882," requiring the Charity Commissioners when making a scheme in relation to any charity, part of the endowment of which consists of land, to insert in such scheme a provision enabling the Trustees of such charity to set apart portions of the laud for allotments, does not make it the duty of the Charity Commissioners to insert such enabling provisions in schemes under the Endowed Schools Acts, where part of the endowment is in hind; or, whether, in consequence of Section 15 of the above Act Act of 1882, further legislation is required in order to impose such a duty on the Commissioners in the case of schemes under the Endowed Schools Act?


Under the Endowed Schools Acts the Charity Commissioners do not make schemes; they only prepare them for the Education Department, and the schemes so prepared are not passed by the authority of the Charity Commissioners. It has, therefore, been thought that such schemes are not within Section 14 of the Act of 1882, and Section 15 seems to support this view.