HC Deb 01 May 1893 vol 11 cc1618-9

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether his attention has been called to the case of any Volunteer battalions which in the year 1890–1 were below the number of their authorised establishment, but have, subsequently to that date, increased in numbers without any increase in establishment; whether in such cases the War Office declines to grant the equipment allowance in respect of the additional men, though the grant originally made was limited to the members serving at the time it was made; whether any provision is made in the Estimates for the current year, or will be made by Supplementary Estimates to meet such cases, or whether it is intended that battalions who have in the meantime made themselves more serviceable by such increase in their numbers should be deprived of the benefits which it was the intention of this House, as expressed by its vote, should be provided for them; and whether he will take care that the Volunteer Vote shall be brought on at a reasonably early period of the Session, so that further attention may be given to this matter?


The special grant for great-coats and equipment made in 1891 provided for all Volunteers enrolled up to the 31st of March in that year, so that no more expenditure for these men should be necessary for several subsequent years. Men enrolled later have been expected to be provided for by their annual great-coat and equipment allowances. Those who in 1891 received the special grant for great-coats do not for a few years receive the annual greatcoat allowance; but the equipment allowance is given to all. There is no further provision for this service in the Estimates. I shall be glad if the Volunteer Vote can be brought on at a convenient time of the Session, and I hope the hon. Member, by expediting Public Business, will contribute to this object.


Then do I understand that where the number of the establishment has been increased there is no provision for equipment allowance for the additional men?


What I said was that those who received the special great-coat allowance in 1891 will receive nothing more for great-coats for some years to come. The equipment allowance is given to all.