HC Deb 27 March 1893 vol 10 c1181
MR. T. BAYLEY (Derbyshire, Chesterfield)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury whether his attention has been called to the Report of the Auditor from the National Debt Office in auditing the Accounts of the Royal Patriotic Fund for the years 1891 and 1892, in which he stated that the requisite administrative authority for the payment made for office salaries, &c. not having yet been obtained, he was again unable to certify the accuracy of the disbursements made under that head, but learned from the minutes of the Executive and Finance Committee that the matter Is under investigation, and suggests that this should be brought into accordance with the requirements of the Supplementary Commission of the 26th March 1868, with as little delay as possible, as this is now the third year in which he has had to take exception to these payments; and what steps, if any, have the Royal Commission of the Patriotic Fund taken to carry out the Auditor's Report of 1892?


This question should in strictness have been addressed to the Secretary of State for War, but I am in a position to state that a scheme has been sanctioned for the office establishment referred to, and the necessary Royal Warrants have been issued and reached the Office of the Commission of the Patriotic Fund on the 18th instant.


But has the Report of the Auditor been carried out, and, if not, what steps are to be taken?


The warrant fixing the establishment for the office for the Royal Patriotic Fund has been signed, and that carries out the Report.