HC Deb 27 March 1893 vol 10 c1185
COMMANDER BETHELL (York, E.R., Holderness)

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board whether a County Council purchasing land under "The Small Holdings Act, 1892," for the purpose of letting it under Section 4, Sub-section 2, of that Act, may charge the rates with the repayment of the money borrowed; and whether, if thought desirable, County Stock might be created for that purpose?


The purchase of land by a County Council for the purpose of letting it under Section 4, Subsection 2, of the Small Holdings Act, 1892, is a purpose for which money may be borrowed under Section 19 of that Act on the security of the County Fund and of any revenues of the Council, or on either such fund or revenues, or any part of the revenues. Loans for this purpose may be raised by Stock under Sections 69 (8) and 70 of the Local Government Act, 1888.