HC Deb 28 June 1893 vol 14 c243

Seeing the late Chancellor of the Exchequer in his place, I wish to give an answer to a question on the subject of the Indian currency which he put to me yesterday. My answer is, as I expected it would be, that the Mint in India will not be limited to the delivery of silver in exchange for gold. The state of the case is this: A recent Act has repealed Clauses 19 to 26 of the Indian Coinage Act of 1870, under which the public were entitled to claim the coinage of their silver into rupees. The power of the Government to purchase silver and coin rupees whenever they think fit was in no way affected, since Clause 28, Sub-section 10, remains in force, under which the Governor General in Council may from time to time on notification regulate any matters in relation to coinage and to the Mint which are not provided for by the Act.