HC Deb 22 June 1893 vol 13 c1680

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary whether his attention has been directed to a placard which has been largely circulated in the County of Sligo headed "Visit of the Lord Lieutenant to Sligo?" It goes on to say that His Excellency Lord Houghton, the Home Rule Lord Lieutenant, will pay a visit to Sligo, and will arrive by train from Dublin, and that addresses are intended to mark the visit of the friend and representative of MR. W. E. Gladstone and his Home Rule Government. I wish to ask the Chief Secretary whether this visit has taken place; and whether, on this and similar occasions, the Lord Lieutenant is divested of his character as the Representative of Her Majesty the Queen?


I believe His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant was to arrive at Sligo this afternoon, there to join the Enchantress, in which he intends to take a cruise. I am quite sure that the Lord Lieutenant will not do anything inconsistent with the high character of his office.


Will the right hon. Gentleman be good enough to say whether the Lord Lieutenant will carry out his intended visit, as the people of Sligo intend to give him a right Royal reception?


By this time, no doubt, the visit is over.