HC Deb 20 June 1893 vol 13 cc1468-9
MR. W. REDMOND (Clare, E.)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department the number of murders and attempted murders in County Essex from 1st January to present time; and whether one of the persons murdered was a police sergeant in the execution of his duty?

MR. THEOBALD (Essex, Romford)

Is the Secretary of State for the Home Department aware that Essex in 1891 had a population of 785,445, and that since then the population has increased by more than 60,000. What is the number of murders or attempted murders in proportion to the population, and does not Essex in that respect compare very favourably with East Clare, so fittingly represented by its hon. Member, the population of Essex being more than 13 times that of East Clare?


Has the right hon. Gentleman received from the County of Essex any reports of crimes such as houghing cattle, and shooting landlords from behind hedges, or of any crimes which can be properly described as of an agrarian character?


And has the right hon. Gentleman any reason to suppose that there has been any failure of justice in the County of Essex; does he anticipate there will be any such failure? Is it the case that any person in that county has boon known to have recommended the intimidation of jurors or the committal of perjury?


In answer to the question on the Taper, there have been four cases of suspected murder, but no ease of attempted murder. One of the persons killed was a police sergeant. In one of the cases, as I stated the other day, the murderer was found to be insane. In two others, persons suspected of the crime have been made amenable, and stand committed for trial. The fourth case is still under investigation. With reference to the supplementary questions, I believe the population of Essex has increased as stated by the hon. Member opposite. I have no knowledge of agrarian crime in the county, nor of the failure of justice.