HC Deb 20 June 1893 vol 13 c1467
MR. CREAN (Queen's Co., Ossory)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware that in March last Chief Baron Palles, in reversing the Judgment of the County Court Judge in the case of "Lord Castletown v. Patrick Moylan," both of Queen's County, stated that the joint affidavits and applications under "The Arrears of Pent (Ireland) Act, 1882," did not cause an estoppel to ejectment, and if the Government would accept the sum of £9 13s. 3d. back from the landlord (Lord Castletown) or his agent, he (the Chief Baron) would within a month give an order for a decree of possession; whether the Government has accepted from the landlord or his agent the said sum of £9 13s. 3d.; and what steps the Government intend taking against the landlord or his agent, under the 7th section of "The Arrears of Rent (Ireland) Act, 1882," for lodging or causing to be lodged an affidavit not correctly setting out the facts by which he obtained the above-mentioned sum?


The Land Commissioners report that a joint application under "The Arrears of Pent Act" was made in 1882 by the landlord and Patrick Moylan, together with three other tenants, and that the sum of £9 13s. 3d. was paid to the landlord in respect of the entire number of tenants embraced by this particular application. A sum of £5 5s. 5d. has been refunded by the landlord to the Land Commission. The Government has no information that the application lodged under the Act did not correctly set forth the facts.


I should like to point out to the right hon. Gentleman that the tenants, having only temporary tenancies, the landlord was not entitled to receive this money.


If the hon. Member will forward me any information he has I will consider it.